About Us

We are retired New York City Antique Dealers, now permanently back in Florida. If you’ve seen our photos or videos, or know us from our years doing shows in NY, NJ and FL, then you know the volume of VINTAGE Costume Jewelry we have in stock, AND the pristine condition its kept in.

Well, we need to shrink this inventory, so we’ve done the same to our prices.  We hope to see you at various events.



“Why Wildpalm?”

We are John & Marilyn, and although we are native New Yorkers, we lived in Florida 1991-2004. Early on, we fell in love with Palm Trees – of every kind. Our favorite is the Coconut Palm. As a matter of fact, the development we lived in was called “Coconut Sound”. When we bought our first computer in 1993, and joined our local “freenet”, we needed our first user id / email address. We remembered the TV movie called Wildpalms – a really bad movie – but because of our love of Palm trees, decided to adopt that as our User I.D. Unfortunately, we were limited to only eight characters so we dropped the “s”. Since then we’ve been Wildpalm.


This was where and when it all began!

New York City circa 1979
Back then we called ourselves “Stuart Court Antiques”
That’s because most of our merchandise came from the building
John grew up in called “Stuart Court” in Flushing, New York.
This photo was taken at the original Annex Antique Flea Market
25th Street & 6th Avenue in New York City
where we were regular fixtures every Sunday April through October.

After a short time the kids came along, so our full time jobs in the travel industry became our priority, placing antique shows on the back burner. It was the internet in ’97 that brought us back to selling antiques & collectibles! EBay in particular, allowed us to resume our passion, and continue to work full time simultaneously. Today we are  both retired, so we are back selling vintage jewelry, antiques & collectibles in-person full-time. We spend all week scouring antique stores, country markets,estate sales & auctions to bring you great collectible, vintage jewelry.